What my clients are saying

Nick Pappas

Ron is a fantastic trainer and a great motivator. I trained with Ron for two months to learn some new skills, fix my technique, and push beyond what I thought my limits were. Ron delivered a tailored program which was challenging and aligned exactly with what I wanted. Combining this with fun training sessions and a meal guide, I achieved so much more than I thought I could in such a short period of time. If you’re looking for someone who will be extremely particular with technique, encourage and support you to achieve your goals, and make you smile whilst doing it, you’ve found the right guy!

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Krispy Chan

I’ve been training with Ron for a while now and the results I am getting are spectacular. I’ve got some out there fitness goals and Ron is a huge part to making me believe I can actually reach them!
Beyond the results though, there are so many things I love about Ron being my coach. Here’s a few – he tailors my programs to suit my specific needs. He challenges me where appropriate, Ron seems to know what buttons to push where and when. He gets me the result and MORE. He pays attention to the small details (specific cues for lifts that I need to think about). Most of all, he does it for the right reason and I genuinely feel and know he actually cares about me.
I am extremely grateful to have Ron guiding and coaching me. Thanks so much brother, you are a champion and thank you so much for giving me the much needed guidance

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Jessica Beckman

Seriously one of the best trainers out there!! Ron knows his stuff from weight training through to calisthenics!! Highly recommended this trainer/mawdle!!

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Jessie Whelan

Training with Ron has been challenging yet rewarding all in one. His encouragement has seen me do things I never thought possible and always seems happy to go that extra mile to see you perform at your best. For someone who really disliked exercise, thanks to Ron I now look forward to my morning sessions at Goodlife and already have started seeing some amazing results. Keep up the great work. Your positivity and enthusiasm is contagious

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Dan Livingstone

Great trainer at a high level. Been around trainers, instructors etc for a lon time and this guy is the best at covering a range of topics and experience. I am a guy who loves the gym but does yoga. thought I was unique and would never find a trainer who got that but Ron hits the nail on the head. What a guy!

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James Brooker

Sensational trainer! Improved technique in all key lifts of bench press, back squats & deadlifts. Thanks to the guidance of Ron and tweaking of deadlift technique improved 1 rm by 20kgs in 3 months (180kgs) looking forward to the next massive gains

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